Friday, April 28, 2017

Hello May

Why hello my lovely's
its been a while, too long.
I am hoping to get back into things on here.. (I know I always say that)
Here's to hoping :) 

I can not believe it's May already, wow time seriously fly's when you're having fun.
If your family is anything like mine, then I am sure your May is packed! 
Hopefully with all fun things! This weather is a perfect time to get into summer activities.

Ours is packed full with birthdays, graduation and a Disney vacation. 
What are your guys up to this month? 

Friday, October 10, 2014

September Favorties

September Favorties

Here are a few of my favorite things this September! 
I am obsessed with literally all of these things! Especially
the  Dolce and Gabbana perfume -- omg! new holy grail!
&& the Mortal Instrument series! Amazing book I finished all 6 in
about a week! Although don't watch the movie that shit sucked! 

My favorit song for september would hands down have to be--
Love U Betta by Neon Hitch 

&& for favorite person! 
Jacyln Hill! this girl is AMMMAZING! 
Her Youtube
Her Blog 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Trying the Trend // July 2014

Trying the Trend

I have read // watched so many beauty bloggers making their very own monthly beauty buck lists&&
 Damn it I want to do it too! So here is my spin on Tying the Trend! 
Every month I am going to give my self a few trending items to try
&& step out of my little neutral comfort zone!!
At the end of the month I will  post a recap of everything Ive tried and my thoughts.
 Or you can follow me on // Instagram // && see all the different ways I am styling the trends!

 I am also thinking about possibly doing a giveaway at the end with the trend that I loved the most :) 

Trending Items for July:
1. 3D nails ... Bring on the spikes.
2. Orange lips

3. Ombre' Hair
 ^I did this last night, and it turned out AWESOME!^
Pictures to come

4. White on White
5. Neon Nails

You should try them too Just #tryingthetrend

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone has a fantastic and Safe Fourth of July :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

June 2014 Favorites

Oh Man! Another month has come and gone! I swear June flew by!! && I am not going to lie I am kind of thrilled,
living in AZ brings the heat and I am so ready for the heat to be over ... // I know I should be used to it // 

Favorite Products // Fashion 

1. I am loving Crochet anything especially tops 1.) because they are flowy and breath
    && 2.) because it can double as a swim cover. You can find the Black one here // the white one here

2. Rainbow Aviators .... #enoughsaid .** I have heard there is a Ray-Band outlet! where is it?**

3. Sandals especially sparkly ones! They are comfy and can add a little extra to ANY outfit! A summer must. 

4. Naked Flushed Pallet  -- In the summer I refuse to put so many layers on my face, its too hot for that ish. 
    So this way you get Blush, Bronze, and highlight all in one. 

5. EOS! My lips get dried all year long so I love keeping some type of chap stick on hand and this        
   "Mint" flavored  EOS is Amazeballs. 

6. NYX butter lipsticks are perfect for the summer they go on so smooth and the color pull off 
  is awesome, plus its not to thick and is long-lasting. 

7. This was my "BIG" purchase at the beginning of the month. With the wedding coming up in 8 months I want to 
    have flawless skin, so I need to start now! I heard amazing reviews for this Michael Todd Bi Light-- but it was 
    always to pricey for my budget -- However they had it on Groupon for like 50% off. I instantly had to have it! 
    And its AMAZING! I can already notice a huge difference! I am thinking about doing a review on it, 
    so let me know if you like to hear more about this product.

8. Nars Toner! Oh my face has been loving the moisture from this, especially after being in the hot sun!
    It has calmed the redness in my face as well as taking care of my dry patches. 

9. ST Tropez Self tanner is my go to tanner! I love this stuff I did a haul for this about a year ago, 
   and I am still in  love with it! I have used it more this month to give my skin more of bronze glow.
   ---- you can also buy this at Sephora and St. Tropez website, if you didnt want to order from

Favorite People! 

Charity Vance! --- Her voice is AMAZING! I literally listen to her on repeat! You have to listen 
to her Collabe she did with Summer//Summer time Sadness < --- Its the shit!

Casey Holmes- I am a beauty guru Junky! I Have been obsessed with watching Casey!
 She is Amazing and I can not stop watching her ... in a non-stalker way lol.

What Favorites have you been loving this Summer?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty in Paradise

 Can we first take a moment to appreciate this adorable Rebecca Minkoff Bag! Oh it makes me giddy.

NYX butter gloss -- I was super excited about receiving this in my bag! I'm a NYX freak &&
                                this product is awesome // not to mention the colors are Gorgeous!
                                 (( I received the color Eclair)) -- P.s. this was a FULL product

Carols Daughter -- I have never heard of this cream before, so I was really excited to try it!
Styling Cream        It is an Anti-breakage // Anti-frizz styling cream && so far so good.

Nicka K New York -- Even though I have never heard of this brand, if you give me bright 
                                    ass blue shimmery eyeliner, you best believe I am going to love it! 
                                    as most of you know, I am in an anti black mode for Summer, we decided 
                                    we needed a break till winter. Not to mention this is a  FULL size product!

OFRA Eye Pencil --   I have been using the benefits Gimme Brow, &&
                                    this + that = Damn Good Brows!.... && another FULL size product.

RealTree Perfume --This is a very sweet, floral Perfume! with scents like pomegranate, persimmon,
                                   blended with  lotus blossom, amber and violets! Its to die for.

Overall Ipsy has blown me away, I actually canceled my Birchbox subscription after having them for 18 months. After receiving both of them Birchbox was just not doing it for me anymore! Even though I still love Birchbox, they were fantastic! Ipsy was just giving me my Bang for my Buck. 

**for those who are new to monthly subscription services - Ipsy is only 10$ a month **

     to order your Ipsy subscription // click ME


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