Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty in Paradise

 Can we first take a moment to appreciate this adorable Rebecca Minkoff Bag! Oh it makes me giddy.

NYX butter gloss -- I was super excited about receiving this in my bag! I'm a NYX freak &&
                                this product is awesome // not to mention the colors are Gorgeous!
                                 (( I received the color Eclair)) -- P.s. this was a FULL product

Carols Daughter -- I have never heard of this cream before, so I was really excited to try it!
Styling Cream        It is an Anti-breakage // Anti-frizz styling cream && so far so good.

Nicka K New York -- Even though I have never heard of this brand, if you give me bright 
                                    ass blue shimmery eyeliner, you best believe I am going to love it! 
                                    as most of you know, I am in an anti black mode for Summer, we decided 
                                    we needed a break till winter. Not to mention this is a  FULL size product!

OFRA Eye Pencil --   I have been using the benefits Gimme Brow, &&
                                    this + that = Damn Good Brows!.... && another FULL size product.

RealTree Perfume --This is a very sweet, floral Perfume! with scents like pomegranate, persimmon,
                                   blended with  lotus blossom, amber and violets! Its to die for.

Overall Ipsy has blown me away, I actually canceled my Birchbox subscription after having them for 18 months. After receiving both of them Birchbox was just not doing it for me anymore! Even though I still love Birchbox, they were fantastic! Ipsy was just giving me my Bang for my Buck. 

**for those who are new to monthly subscription services - Ipsy is only 10$ a month **

     to order your Ipsy subscription // click ME


  1. I really liked this months Ipsy bag. I LOVED the NYX Lip Butter. I was almost running out of it and they sent me that exact color I needed! :)

    1. Right! IPSY is on its Game lately!

      I know the butter gloss is amazing! I can not get enough of them and the colors are so beautiful!


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